GridFlex Pro XL – Black


GridFlex Pro XL – Black

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This floor is ideal for covering various types of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. It stands out for its very high hardness, but also for its resistance over time.

The lifespan of this floor reaches up to 20 years.

Their advantage over other floors is the quick installation, the minimum preparation of the place before installation but also the low costs for installation and maintenance.

With them you can create an unlimited number of models in different colours. Thanks to the modular mounting system this floor can be moved or modified at any time.

The shape of the plates does not allow the collection of water or liquids. They drain immediately and the contact surface will always be stay clean.

The floor is resistant to liquids and chemicals, non-slip, resistant to temperature variations, easy to maintain.

They can be installed in many places. They can be mounted in car services, garages, car detailing workshops, basements, next to swimming pools or other wet places, gyms or even outside on sports fields (basketball, tennis, etc.) They can be mounted on alleys .

They are hard enough to withstand the traffic without problems. They can be mounted on the alleys leading to the garage or in courtyards and terraces.

A great advantage of them over special paints is that they are removable. They can be disassembled and moved without affecting their fastening system. When the location is changed, they can be relocated.

They are perfectly suited to the Australian climate, resistant to both frost and low temperatures and high temperatures.